A design and production agency experienced in electronic, print and social media.

Provide strategy, development and innovation to fulfil you and your clientsʼ needs.

Practice pre-emptive analysis and complexity management.

Work with the latest online, locative, social and interactive platforms.

Work with you to

Manage the end-to-end process ensuring the ongoing relevance of your solution; delivery is just a step on the Tandot process.

Plan, brand and design your solutions; create interactive, social and experiential platforms, emphasising impact, effect and relevance.

Provide strategic planning to leverage community intelligence and make your targets find your arrow through empowerment, engagement and inclusivity.

Produce outstanding results

A strategy, design and production team emphasising cross-disciplinary and platform expertise

Creating native responses to emerging requirements

Draw from backgrounds in media arts, design, UI, UX, gaming, RFID, mobile, GPS, web, social and open-source practices.