Terms & Conditions

April 2nd, 2009

“Us” refers to TANDOT Ltd. whose registered offices are at

132 Two Trees Lane

Manchester M34 7GL

Office Hours

Our working hours are 9:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Work undertaken outside these hours will be charged at a pre-agreed negotiable rate.

Standard Rates

The studio rate is £75/hour for production services, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Contacting Us

We require that only communication in writing forms binding agreements between us and you. Writing can be in the form of electronic mail to team@tandot.co.uk or to another address we may provide.


We will provide access to any services we create for you. If we need to reset passwords or correct configuration changes to administrative systems we provide to manage the service we have provided, our standard rates apply.

Provision of Materials

We cannot accept responsibility for being unable to produce or deploy content dependant on materials provided by you, such as copy, photography or account details. Any time taken sourcing or correcting such materials will be billed at our standard rate. We will advise if such a circumstance seems likely to occur, but can accept no responsibility for the outcome of such eventualities.

Sign-off and Approval

Delays caused by a failure to sign-off a document within a reasonable timeframe without prior arrangement will incur rescheduling and retention costs. Your sign-off confirms your approval of a stage in the production lifecycle; later changes to this will be chargeable at our standard rate.

Online resources

We will advise as to hosting and maintenance costs for online services provided by third parties, but must pass excess hosting and capacity costs on to you. We cannot be held responsible for outages caused by these third parties, although we will endeavour to minimise and keep you informed of any. We will renew hosting unless notified in writing at least 14 days before the end of the annual period.

Intellectual Property

Materials developed leading to the service we develop for you are not provided unless otherwise requested and possibly charged separately. This does not extend to any sections of a system we have agreed to release under an open license or to materials we have arranged to make available to you in writing.

If you choose not to take our backup services, you are responsible for maintaining a backup and restoration procedure of your own. Should a system need to be restored from a backup we will typically arrange this to be completed within 24 hours of being notified. Restoration from backups can potentially result in the loss of data entered subsequent to the last backup. The backup service is intended for use in the case of system recovery and use of it to roll-back activities by you will be chargeable at an agreed rate.


All prices are quoted as exclusive of VAT, which is charged at the standard UK rate.

Work expected to take more than a month will require a 30% payment of the total amount on ordering. Additionally, payment will be required for any 3rd party services we require before their acquisition. We will not be held liable for impact on any work should there be delays in paying  these amounts.

Typical payment terms are for 14 days from the receipt of the invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest and an administration fee of £50 per month on overdue payments.

Any discounts we offer on a per-job basis are at our discretion and may be annulled by late payments.

Credit and attribution

We require a visible link on any electronic documentation to our site at Tandot.co.uk and an attribution on any printed materials. We reserve the right to discuss the project on our own site and the press after we have agreed it has been made public.

We reserve the right to amend and update our terms and conditions. Any changes will not affect existing arrangements without your prior agreement.

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